Dancing Elephants

I have been baking since noon, and its been a great relaxing day. For some odd reason I can not stop smiling, I guess I just feel at ease, and peaceful.

Although I do have to note that if anyone wanted to ever truly be with me, play some Louis Armstrong and I will practically fall into your arms. Haha.

I guess this cd just reminds me of a simpler time, and Sunday nights from when we were younger. You see we would eat dinner then dance through the house and into the living room with daddy. It makes me smile when I think about it.

When I have kids I will make sure that Sundays are our family dinner night, and dance night. Because I hope that they would have the same reaction as I do, nearly ten years later.

I would surly love to do that again, but now we just sound like a herd of elephants running through a dance studio. I guess there are some things I miss a lot from when I was a kid. Dancing is absolutely one of them.

Music appreciater
Cookie maker
Reminiscently smiling


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I just want to tell my story about Bree. and here is how I'm gonna do it!
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