Sleepless nights.

So as you can probably tell, I am not that tired, because my last entry was about 500 words. Yippee! Some how I find it hard that I am not really tired but, in other ways I do not. My brain is not really running, but it is not really resting enough for me to go to sleep. I may even be scared that I will wake up and feel sick again. But, as my dad pointed out earlier today, I most likely had gotten sick because of all the crap I had eaten, and because I was over-heated while sleeping. Perhaps that is why I do not feel like sleeping.

I wonder how many nights these geniuses stayed awake just thinking? Like how many of them actually thought about why they matter and why their work matters, and what life is about.. Whoa! i just had gotten seriously deep within a few sentences right there.

So while everyone else in the friend’s house at which I am staying at is sleeping, I am wide awake and wandering through my own subconscious mind. My mother used to always say to me that like her, my greatest creativity sprouts within the night fall. My mother used to paint, draw, and do everything else at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Who knows if that is just because of who we are or if its just because everything seems to change and show it’s true self in the dead of night, our creativity draws its ‘powers‘ from the moon and the stars.

I wish I was at home right now, I would jump in the shower and waste some time, while the water just cascades over my face and shoulders, thinking about all of the world’s problems and how I could solve them. Or I would just try and force myself to sleep which would most likely end up with me playing on my Ipod and wasting minutes that way, until my eyelids became droopy. Unlike now, I wish I could sleep but sometimes the sand man just forgets that you are still on the list of sleepers and skips over ya, and yes I did sing that song from the commercial ( Mr. sandman, bring me a dream…..)

So my word count is nearing 800-900 in total for this evening. I am slowly running out of words to say, but not thoughts and Ideas.

If life changes for the better, then why do so many people die, become wounded, and or hurt themselves? Why are there starving children? Why am I just rambling?

Well my eyes are slowly tiring, they are still not droopy but I would say all in due time they will be. Also I just wanted to make it to about one thousand words before I quit for the night. Okay now that I stopped typing for a few seconds my eyes drooped! Like WTF?! Mind how come you can not decide what to do on a regular basis? Ooh 500 words! Well, I think I am about done with this entry, but I do plan as well as hope that I will be Blogging more often. All of this writing also helps release some tension, and anger and the rest of the basic and complicated feelings of the human being race.

I yawned! Wahoo maybe because I complained enough throughout this entry that the little guys in business offices in my brain were like “guys we have tortured her enough! How about we let her sleep?” Okay well off to the world of kisses and classrooms and various other situations. May the best of luck be to all of y’all.

lover of sleep

wish I could have slept more

One Thousand words are a lot!



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