I am anger in its most rawest form!

I can not breathe, the anger is too much. I am so angry right now it is not even funny! I swear if there was a sharp instrument in my hand then it would be in his face right now. You do not tell me I have no right to defend one of my best friends. You are fucking ridiculous! You just want the points and you know that the match up is completely unfair. I can not even fathom why I talk to you anymore. It never turns out well when I try. So now I am really done. I’m done trying. I’m done caring. I’m done forgiving. You are out in your own. Don’t even bother. My relation to you is done. I know that this may seem silly that over one fight, I am through. This is not something that I need to deal with, I have enough on my plate.
I just can’t deal with all of this. He is the root of a lot of my problems. And it’s time I did myself a favor and rid myself
of this bullshit! I am not a caged woman. I have my opinions. And I can fight! But let’s see how long I can fight myself.

I’m sorry for anyone that may be reading, for the fright, but I can not get this out in any other way. Forgive my ranting. Hopefully the next entry will be thoughtful and long(?).

~ta-ta for now~
-still pissed at him, but I am cooling off-


About breesstory

I just want to tell my story about Bree. and here is how I'm gonna do it!
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