Great to be back.

Today was bowling sectionals, and I didn’t do so bad. Of course I didn’t make states but I did get high game 🙂 It was so important for me to be there this year. I have no clue what I was thinking last year. Anyways, I had such a great time. I rolled 1178 today, for six games, with a 196 average. I can not be upset with that, especially since I had one of the best days of my life. Things just went well pretty much all day. I am happy and I wouldn’t trade a moment for anything. Not even to win!

I have a week off for break this week, so lets see ll the things that I’m not going to do. lmao. I already have my sweat pants on so, bring it on vacation!

Too relaxed to move, too sore to move.

Happily listening to music. I love this place no matter how many times I may say otherwise.

Bowling is my world.



About breesstory

I just want to tell my story about Bree. and here is how I'm gonna do it!
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