“Dad is on the phone honey”

As I have mentioned I currently work in the retail world, out of all the things that tend to bother me the most, fathers on the phone top the list. Here is thing, I get having to answer the phone for a few minutes or quickly make sure a message gets passed along, but when you are using the whole time to talk too a buddy about fishing, boats, cars or any other topic instead of helping you’re daughter pick out some clothes, you are missing out. What was the point in coming if you were not even going to help, you could have just given the wife the card or cash.

Take this time, enjoy helping her while she is still young, and still letting you shop with her. Because I promise there will be a day where she will ask for the keys to the car, and won’t need you to come with her to pick out some clothes. So choose wisely, talk to a friend or make memories that you can look back on in times off sorrow.

I want to say that I feel this strong on the topic because my father used to and continues to shop with us (my sisters and I). With three girls he had to learn what was what, and that we are SUPER picky. I for instance, cannot stand pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows, or dresses and skirts. If anything a dress or skirt need to be long or at least past my knees. My favorite articles of clothing are my sweatshirts, jeans and my T-shirts. I mean looking at me that is not hard to guess, but still with three daughters, we all have different preferences.

My advice? Learn what they like, what colors flatter them, and never make it awkward if you have to go underwear/bra shopping. My father he can get pretty weird, but I know it’s just the way our family is.

So girls, even guys, get your parents involved in your style. It really helps when it’s time for a new wardrobe and having restricted time. Also helps for birthdays – even though we all know that no one wants clothes on their birthday, even if they may need them.
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