A Blue Revelation.

What shocked me recently?
My apperence. Not the usual I’m getting fat, or my face is full of achne. It was my hair.

So I owe you some background Information. When I was younger,  my older sister had just started highschool and she kind of lost her mind. Out of the blue she decided to chop all of her hair off, and sport this hair style that I’m going say was a mix between an emo/punk hair cut and a pixie chop. But she didn’t stop there, before we knew it she was dying her hair a whole bunch of colors. The breaking point for my father was when a strip of hair, turned into 2/3 of her head, and she picked a horrible color! Bright/Hot pink! EW! Well as you might be able to imagine, my father had a hay-day and went on a rampage. It didnt stop her though. Haha.

The thing about my older sister, is that out of the three of us, she is the only one without the red hair, odd I know. Whereas I have red hair, not orange, red. It is a rare color, I was always told as a kid that people wanted my hair color, that even hair dye couldn’t get the right shade. Daddy told me that I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair, because I am a part of that 2% of the world’s population that is red headed.

But my father should have known.

I began dying my hair when I turned 16. I secretly dyed the back portion of my hair a purple-ish maroon, using the kool-aid method. I hid that from my whole family for a couple of months before people started noticing, probably in part because I gave up hiding it. When my Dad found out I was bracing my self for the full impact, but it never came. He shrugged his shoulders and said it looked good.

Flash foreward a couple of months, it is December 31st 2013. I just said screw it. I wanted to do what I wanted and he was not going to stop me. So I bleached a section of hair and I dyed it blue. I was so in love with this that I just kept dying it blue, and when I would let the color fade my friends would wonder where it was, and if I was going to redo it.

So as you can imagine after two or more years of damaging my hair, I decided that I was just going to let my hair go and develope how ever it wants to. The color development was interesting but now, that section is like a nice honey golden color. I don’t know what made me decide yesturday, but I needed to bleach another section of my hair, so that I could go blue again.

So here we are, at the point of where the title makes sence. I was all of the sudden so happy to see another section ready for blue -bleached- I could have cried I was that glad. This blue means more to me than standing out, or creativity, I think it is apart of me. I faintly remember when I was younger and coloring- as opposed to when I was coloring the other day- that I had this one crayon, in every box that I would use until it was gone, and I know I used to draw stripes of my hair blue.

What shocked me recently?

The emotional and physical attatchment to dying my hair blue.

~~~~I’m not feeling blue, but I will have blue hands soon~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3 Vickey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3

P.s. Those are supposed to be balloons 🙂


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I just want to tell my story about Bree. and here is how I'm gonna do it!
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