A 50’s House Wife Reject.

One of the things that has always bothered me about my siblings, is that they never jump up and take charge or take responsibility for anything at home. The one day I have off of work I decided to go out with my girl friends, and I come home to the dishes astray, the house smells like sour milk, and its a mess. When I left I had cleaned up my spot in the kitchen, and asked my sister to do the dishes. Simple enough, right? Apparently a simple request that would make our mother happy is too much. She just moved the dishes around to make them look like less of a mess.

Gah. I wish my sister would get the point and start to understand what our mother does for us. She gets up, goes to work and literally saves lives all day long, and comes home to a place that is supposed to be a sanctuary or relaxation station, and what she gets is a dump. I know that I also contribute to this mess, but at least I take the time to perhaps start dinner, or do the things around the house that she can not.

How can my siblings not see how hard my mother works. Oh and DO NOT get me started on my asshole father, who goes to work and comes home expecting a hot fresh meal on the table, and a cool coca-cola in his hand. I love my father but can he be anymore sexist?! I remember when we were younger, and he would make dinner because mom was at work, or just because he hadn’t done so in a while. An example of his gender role retardation, was one Sunday he picked me up from work after a 7+ hour shift, and said “oh good you’re out, now you can make dinner. I’ve been waiting” I swear if he was my boyfriend, I would have broken up with his ass right then and there. I have no problem making dinner, but as soon as you tell me that I have to, or that it’s my duty because I am the woman, or wife we are done. I get it I like to cook, and a lot of people know that, but he couldn’t have made dinner? I worked all day, and then come home to serve these douche bags who sat around swatting flies all day. Now I know where my sisters get it from.

If I had a fuck off button, I would use it. A lot.



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I just want to tell my story about Bree. and here is how I'm gonna do it!
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