Shame on You

(in response to a popular video right now titled “dear fat people” by Nicole Arbour. Which basically is a video about fat shaming, while saying fat shaming is non-existent, and was made up so fat people could say that their feelings were hurt.)

{full disclosure, fat shaming is real and there are rude ass people who say that it is ok, because they need a “little motivation.”}

It’s hard to speak up, and speak out against others who really don’t know what is going on in someones’ life.
Even if you are concerned about a friend/family member’s size/weight, how about you talk to them, help find an underlying factor, see if they even want to lose the weight. People don’t want to be fat, to just be fat. I mean It is not like a test, the higher pant size the better the grade, somethings just happen. If you are #fatshaming someone, FUCK OFF, they do not need you to tell them things they already know, they need you to say, ” I’m here, let me know if I can help with any kind of support.”

Because if I were to be honest, then I would have to say that I wake up every morning and tell myself that I’m ugly because I am fat, and then I spend the rest of the day saying that it’s not true, and that my beauty is not measured by my waist, or my fat rolls. I have to literally look at my self in the mirror and force myself to say that I am pretty, all because a bunch of people who are nowhere near my size decided that to be considered beautiful I had to be small, dainty, and fragile looking.

Society tells women especially, that beauty is what we strive for. Being a woman is hard, and it takes a tough soul to be able to make it all the through life. Since the day I was born all I have been told is that I was not beautiful. I was not the right size. I was too fat. I was too tall. I was too thin. I was too loud. I was too Masculine. I was too feminine. I was too original. I was too normal. I was never ok. What most people don’t realize is that even though we were tought as a child that

“sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words will never hurt me.”

They were wrong. Words are what hurt the most, because a bone will heal, a bruise will vanish, a scrape will scab. But a negative comment can ruin someones’ life.

I guess as adults we sometimes forget how hard it is to grow up and be told that the world is ours, all you have to do is follow your dream. We either grew up too fast, or not fast enough, life was never where I wanted it to be, and it never where I was. But being told that something or even everything I was, and everything that I wanted to be, was wrong, its one of those things you hold on to. Like when scientist do the tests with the mice in a maze where the prize in the center is cheese. Overtime that a mouse would come up to a dead-end, they would give him/her a tiny (non-harmful) little shock. Well after getting shocked a few times the mouse will learn that they are not supposed to go that way, so they go another away until they get shocked again. This goes on and on until the mouse reaches the cheese, and just in time for one of the other mice to begin this process from the beginning.

So what I’m trying to get at, is that society has brain washed us to all try to follow the correct path to finding the “cheese.” What if I take a wrong turn and find something better than cheese, like a tiny goblet of wine! Would they then say that I took a wrong turn and it wasn’t where I was supposed to be? Of course they would! In the end, we all try our best to find our own way, to a similar goal, and that is to live a happy long life.

But at the same time, being a large person is most likely unhealthy in some way, and we shouldn’t tell people to just settle with who they are, and what size they are. #LoveMyBody should not just be about the body that you currently have, but the one that is healthy, and the body that you are going to live in for a long time. I am a part of this “large and in charge” kind of world, and I am never content with what my body is doing, and that is ok. We need to continue to strive for something, and continue to move forward. What needs to be known is that as a large woman, I am trying my hardest to like who I am on the inside and out, but with all of this negativity on some layers of fat on my stomach, and my hips, people forget that under those layers is a human, who much like you is trying their hardest to not only make a mark, and make their life worth it, but to be HAPPY, and if you are tying to take that away from me, perhaps you should look in a mirror and see who should really be shamed.


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