The Grinch is Green, Am I Too?

I’m sorry.
I hate the holidays and my birthday. Which are both in December, one of the most stressful months ever. Right now I’m sitting in the yard of my old elementary school, with tears streaming down my face. All because of the fucking holidays. I just can’t handle what people become, and they never understand where I’m coming from.
So why am I hiding in the school yard? Because I’m a fucking redhead with a temper to match my hair, and instead of using it to hurt anyone else (physically or mentally) I’m hiding. The sad part is that I am not just hiding from others, I’m hiding from myself as well. No harm can be caused- self inflicted, and really who cares about a crying woman alone in a park. I just can’t go home yet, I know I will, I’ll do what I’m avoiding.
I just can’t anymore.
This ridiculousness that spreads throughout my family. Do you want to know what started this? My sister was upset that I was breathing a certain way in the car. Look how this escalated. BECAUSE OF THE DAMN HOLIDAY PRESSURE AND STRESS.


About breesstory

I just want to tell my story about Bree. and here is how I'm gonna do it!
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3 Responses to The Grinch is Green, Am I Too?

  1. De Vos says:

    I hope you have calmed down a bit and are now safe at home. This time of the year is truely messed up. Just hold on

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