Ghostly Co-Workers

So life never turns out how you planned.

So what?!stock-photo-graffiti-on-the-wall-angry-kid-on-a-green-background-fuck-you-448424563.jpg

Sometimes work pisses you off so much, that all you want to do is quit.

 I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to just walk out and leave my current job.

Say “si ya nara,” “adios bitches.” Bye! Good luck!”

 pexels-photo-126313.jpegpexels-photo-29082My job requires many skills, a major one is problem solving, and quick answers. Every time you turn around there is someone with a few questions, but no matter the answer it will seem wrong to someone. The fast paced work place works great for me, otherwise I find myself frequently distracted and bored. Which is not always a good thing, because that’s when I start doing something silly or distracting to others, most of the time it is doodling though.

The fun part of my shift is the ever-changing characters that come through. Part of my daily tasks deals with assessing and appraising items that customers bring in, and then dealing out cash for the previously sed items. You never know when someone is going to flip, and get extremely angry, or those who sell you sad stories to try to get sympathy dollars (it doesn’t work), even people who are happy with the outcome.

Yes I know people who are content, who knew that they existed anymore?! (Just for those who seem to not be able to read sarcasm. That was sarcasm.)

Yet I am still here, I will still come in, day after day, or night after night I should say. The only thing I guess that is a positive about being pissed, is that I still care. Tonight I was so angry, aggravated, livid, just purely pissed, at any and ebed-design-decoration-interiorverything at work but I still care. Showing some kind of emotion is better than those that come in looking like ghosts and just floating through the tasks at hand. Hopefully when, and if that day comes there will be another adventure to explore or a opportunity  to accept.

As the night has progressed I am not feeling so aggravated anymore – the writing is a big help to that and it is good to realize that I am or was not mad that I have this job. The anger was geared more toward differences in communications and just being overwhelmed.

pexels-photo-55624There were many times when I was younger that my mother, who is a nurse, would be in the same mental space I was in today. It just comes with the territory, hospitals are a high stress area, I mean you think the patients are stressed,try being the staff that has to take care of them and the rest of their family. Anyways, every now and again my mother and I would get in the car and just have a good day out on the town visiting her favorite stores and shops, having lunch in the mall food court, collecting job applications from nearly anywhere hiring. She always ended up filling out a few applications here and there, but we never went back to turn them in. I guess it was just therapeutic to have a great day and also think about sticking stock-photo-little-child-girl-plays-astronaut-child-on-the-background-of-sunset-sky-child-in-an-astronaut-394395106.jpgit to the man by quitting your current job and filling out applications to new jobs.

I like what I’m doing for now, let’s see what the near future holds.

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